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Dealing with Basement Flooding

If you live in the Toronto or any GTA area and have a basement, there’s a strong probability that at some point, you’ve found yourself dealing with basement flooding. Such problems are completely avoidable, but most homeowners don’t notice factors which may cause problems until they find themselves dealing with basement flooding. When the problem manifests in your basement, it’s a bit too late for prevention – but at least, you can respond wisely.

The first step in dealing with basement flooding is to turn off power and gas at the source. Yes, this will no doubt increase the inconvenience for you and your family, but safety must take precedence over convenience. Flooded wiring and / or gas appliances can be hazardous, even deadly. Do not hesitate. Isolate potential power and gas sources before they hurt you or your family! No other action is more important in dealing with basement flooding.

When you have assured the safety of your family and yourself, try to determine the source of the problem. Backed up drains, damaged rain gutters / downspouts, or blocked surface drainage constitute the three most common causes of basement flooding. Any efforts which you make in dealing with basement flooding are guaranteed to fail unless you eliminate the source of the problem. Homeowners who are not absolutely sure of their abilities and resources should seek professional assistance. Experts such as those from AquaResist Inc. can quickly and efficiently help you to stop the flooding and remove the water from your basement. They will evaluate your appliances and infrastructure to assure that your utilities may be safely turned on. A call to AquaResist Inc. is a prudent and reasonable step in dealing with basement flooding.

Basement Flooding in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke and other GTA areas.