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Underpinning of section 1 area Lowering Basement Toronto GTA

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Basement Underpinning - Basement Lowering.

Underpinning work can be needed if you own an older home in the Toronto, Mississauga, GTA region. AquaResist Inc. is your best contractor for safe, guaranteed underpinning.  In case you are in doubt about the meaning of the term, we offer a brief explanation.

Homes in Toronto, Mississauga which were built with no basements or with inadequate basements can be greatly improved through basement deepening.  This should only be done by professionals, such as those of AquaResist Inc.  In most cases, basement deepening should be accompanied by foundation underpinning, to assure that your home remains solid and stable.

Underpinning of section 1 side view Lowering Basement Toronto GTAOlder homes in Toronto were often built with inadequate footings, or without proper drainage around the foundation.  Others have been damaged by changes to surrounding topography which has caused a change in water flow, either on or beneath the surface.  In addition, some homes have had improperly dug basements installed after the original construction was complete.  In each of these cases, foundation damage is highly probable.

Underpinning of the 1st Section Lowering Basement Toronto GTAIf your Toronto / GTA home has a cracked foundation, leaking basement, or noticeable sags, you probably need to have the basement/foundation underpinned.  Underpinning is a process of reinforcing the foundation, and (in many cases) jacking the house back up into proper alignment. It usually involves excavating to greater depth, then installing new footers or other type support structures.  The process gives new life to what may otherwise be an unstable structure.


Underpinning Lowering Basement Toronto GTABecause foundations are such a crucial component of every structure, modifications are governed by building codes.  It is very important that any underpinning complies with sound building practices and relevant codes.  Underpinning is not a job for amateurs!  Failure to do the job correctly is likely to cause further, permanent damage, and in an extreme case, could even result in the home collapsing.  


Underpinning Lowering Basement Benchpinning Toronto GTA

There are several different approved methods of underpinning in Toronto, Mississauga. AquaResist Inc. professionals are trained, experienced, and ready to provide underpinning expertise to solve your problems.  We can recommend the method which will most economically provide a sound repair / improvement to your structure.  Remember:  some contractors will take your money and run – AquaResist Inc. gives you a 25 year written guarantee that our work is done right.

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Underpinning Toronto in process with temporary drainage


Underpinning Mississauga of existing foundation wall and excavating for new basement walkout footing


Preparing for the underpinning of the second section