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Every homeowner in the Toronto Mississauga / GTA region is likely, at some point, to face the problem of drain cleaning. Whether your home is old or new, it surely has drains – and drains are subject to clogs, leading to the necessity of drain cleaning. You shouldn't panic, though. With routine maintenance and reasonable care, these difficulties can be minimized. Take care not to dump or flush trash, towel, or other inappropriate materials. NEVER dump grease in a drain, and make it a point to keep strainers clean. Follow these simple steps, and your drain cleaning woes will probably be few and far between.

drain cleaning 1Unfortunately, you can't control what everyone else does, and there are also a few other factors which may lead to the need of drain cleaning. Sooner or later, you are likely to need to solve a drain cleaning problem. Some common approaches are caustic drain cleaner and pressurized drain openers. Be careful with either of them, and absolutely NEVER use both! The caustic can attack metal pipes and fittings; pressurized drain openers may push low pressure fittings apart. The most serious danger is that if you should follow caustic with pressure, it may actually cause the chemicals to blow back, and they could endanger your eyesight or cause other damage or health issues.

drain cleaning 2In most cases, a drain cleaning snake offers the best probability of success – but you should understand that these devices can be destructive, and should be used only by skilled professionals. Even when an obstruction is removed and flow restored, it is important to determine what caused the problem. In some cases, outdoor pipes may collapse, blocking free flow, or they may be invaded by roots. In either case, the cause must be identified and corrected, or it will return. Homeowners who have drainage problems would do well to contact a skilled professional to identify and correct their drain cleaning problems. The specialists at AquaResist Inc. are skilled in drain cleaning, and offer quick service at a fair price.

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