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Leaky, wet basement? Waterproofing basement contractor in Toronto, Mississauga, GTA

Basement Waterproofing in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough and other GTA areas.


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Waterproofing a flooded or leaking basement is not easy, and it's hard work fixing the water damage. If you try to fix it yourself, you may even make the problem worse. You need the help of professionals, such as those with AquaResist Inc. Our staff members have the skills, training, experience and equipment to properly handle basement waterproofing and basement repair. AquaResist Inc. can determine the source of your basement waterproofing problem and recommend the best method of basement repair for your situation.


AquaResist Inc. technicians will inspect your basement and provide you with a written estimate of the cost of a permanent basement waterproofing solution. You may view a flooded basement as an inconvenience, but in fact, a non-waterproof basement is much more than inconvenient. If your basement is finished, actively in use, used as storage, or as a laundry room for your home, you may be irritated with the damage which water has caused. Are you aware of the long-term problems associated with basement flooding?


Basement leaks can cause permanent, structural damage to your home. A non waterproof basement isn’t comfortable, pleasant, or safe. Whether you use it as a playroom, laundry room, exercise / weight room, or even just for storage; furniture, appliances, and equipment will be damaged by moisture. In addition to direct deterioration, you should consider the dangers posed by the growth of fungus and mold. Fungus and mildew can cause health problems, even death.


Another benefit of transforming your basement into a healthy and safe living space is that having a waterproof basement improves the value of your home. If you should decide to sell, the cost of improvements will more than be offset by the increased market value of the property. Protect your investment. Don’t allow a flood or a series of leaks to damage your home and contents. Remember, even a small leak can promote the growth of fungus or bacteria.

We will make your home the pleasant and lovely living space which you deserve – and AquaResist Inc. 25 year written guarantee will give you peace of mind.