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Basement Lowering, Underpinning Basement in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough and GTA

Basement Lowering in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough and other GTA areas.

lowerng-basement-0Basement lowering is one of the best ways to maximize the potential of your basement in Toronto, Mississauga, GTA. Whether you are looking to add value to your house by renovating your basement or you simply feel the added height would give your basement a roomier feel, AquaResist Inc. will work with you to make your basement lowering project a smooth and pleasant experience. AquaResist Inc. will help you to consider all available options and advise you on every aspect of your basement renovation.

Lowering basement is not a simple task

- it is a process that requires a great amount of attention, detail and careful work. AquaResist Inc. has the level of expertise necessary to complete such an involved process. AquaResist Inc.'s exceptional construction workers have years of professional experience in lowering basements across Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA

lowerng-basement1The first step in basement lowering is to determine the needs of your home to ultimately decide if lowering your basement is right for you. People have many different reasons for lowering their basements, but the most commonly cited reason is to create more head room so that the basement can be a more open and livable area. It can also add extra room in your basement for shelving and storage space. Lowering the basement can add to the overall value of the home, especially if it is undergoing other renovations.

Lowering the basement gives a basement a more open, less stuffy feel by improving air flow.

Many homes that were built in the 1920's were beautifully built, but have basements with very low ceilings. People in these homes usually increase the height from around six feet, to at least 8 feet. Those who invest in a basement lowering project generally include it as a part of a greater renovation project. For these people, lowering the basement is the first step in renovation, and from there people commonly go through other steps to renovate their baslowerng-basement2ements by adding additional rooms, repairing water damage, and designing the interior. No matter what your reason for renovating is, AquaResist Inc. is ready and willing to work with you to consider your basement’s various needs and options.

Basement lowering is a multi-stage project and can take over a month to complete. First, footings are installed to support the foundation of the home. The concrete slab that currently serves as the basement floor is then broken up and removed, completely exposing the soil underneath the home. The soil is then dug up to conform to the desired height (usually enough to create a standard eight foot ceiling). The existing plumbing is then re-layed to adjust to the new height. As a final step, concrete is poured to create a new floor. After the lowering basement takes place, the basement will be appropriately prepared for any additional renovating, such as adding an extra room, adding a bathroom and additional plumbing; or hiding beams, piplowerng-basement-3es and ducts in the ceiling.

AquaResist Inc. sets the bar when it comes to jobs as involved and complex as basement lowering projects. Call us today to schedule a consultation and find out if lowering basement is right for you, your family and your home in any area of Toronto, Mississauga, GTA.