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How to avoid Problem of Drain Blocking

Few basement problems are more frustrating than blocked drains. Every homeowner should understand how to avoid the problem of blocked drains. There are only a few key factors which cause most drain blockages.

One of the primary causes of blocked drains is simply covering the opening. For example, if you set a carton over the opening, when that cardboard gets wet, it will form a seal, completely blocking the drain. Pencils, crayons, or other objects which are long enough to bridge the opening anywhere inside the drain can lodge and accumulate other materials, quickly obstructing the drain.

If the drainage pipe lacks adequate coverage under the ground surface, vehicles may crush the pipe, blocking the flow. If it is necessary that a pipe be near the surface, be certain that it is adequately protected with a strong outer pipe which can handle any traffic loads.

“Grey water” drains which discharge onto the surface may be blocked by animals nesting in them, or crawling in and becoming lodged. Rain gutter drains may be blocked by bird’s nests or leaves which enter from above. Be sure that inlets and outlets of all drains are adequately protected with gratings or screens – and periodically inspect them to assure that the gratings are not blocked.

In most cases, an occasional visual check of your drains will avoid the problems associated with blocked drains.

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