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Finding Reason for your Wet Basement

Finding the reason for your wet basement may be easier than you think. Once you have found the reason, and solved the problem, you may wonder how you ever managed to live with it! In order to find the source of the problem, you must pump, mop, or do whatever it takes to dry out the basement as much as possible.

Examine every inch of walls and floors with a bright light. Look for cracks, holes, or areas where moisture “weeps” through the wall / floor. If you find nothing, you may need to wait until a major rain event, then look again. When you have identified the place(s) where water enters the basement, go outside to the corresponding location, and look for a source of water. There is a good chance that you will find a clogged downspout or drain, or maybe a low place where water collects against the foundation of the house.

When you have identified the source of the water, do what it takes to eliminate it. The solution may be as simple as filling a low place in the lawn, or repairing a rain gutter. Chances are that you will also need to apply a waterproofing membrane to the outside of the basement wall, repair cracks, or add an outdoor drainage system. Finding the reason for your wet basement will make your home much more pleasant, and will enhance its’ resale value.

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