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Cleaning a Wet Basement in Toronto

Cleaning a wet basement in Toronto – or anywhere – should begin with considerations for safety. Before you enter the basement, be sure that there are no wet or submerged electrical circuits. If it is at all possible that such circuits exist, turn off all power until you have verified that the area is safe. In the same manner, if there is any possibility that flammable gas service is compromised; turn it off at the source.

Once you are certain that is safe to enter the basement, verify that any drains are open, unblocked, and flowing freely. If adequate drainage doesn’t exist, you may need to rent or buy a sump pump to remove standing water. When all water which can be pumped or drained is gone, mop the puddles. Ventilation is crucial to completely cleaning a wet basement. Open any windows, place fans to circulate air, add heaters if necessary to eliminate moisture.

When all possible moisture has been removed, scrub walls and floors with a good fungicidal cleanser, and again ventilate until the space is dry. Notice: cleaning a wet basement, whether in Toronto, or anywhere else, is only the first step. It is important that you determine how / where the water entered, and eliminate the source of the problem.

When you have completed the cleanup, evaluate the finish on all surfaces. A high quality waterproof paint will greatly enhance your basement, and will make it easier if you are ever again faced with the need of cleaning a wet basement.

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