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Tips to Clean Blocked Sewer

Whether you have a basement or not, there is a strong probability that at some point, you will need these tips to handle blocked sewers. Of course, it would be great to avoid blocked sewers, but that is a different subject. When the sewer backs up, you need to follow these tips to handle blocked sewers. The very first thing to consider is: what is in that thing? If you are unwilling or unable to deal with it, call a professional.

Generally speaking, blocked sewers are most commonly manifested by overflowing toilets. In many cases, a “toilet plunger” will solve the problem. Place the plunger securely over the hole at the bottom of the bowl, hold it securely, and press firmly and quickly, several strokes. Remove the plunger, and see whether the drain flows. If it does not flow, reseat the plunger and try several more strokes. If this process doesn’t resolve the problem within at most a half dozen tries, you will need to take more drastic action.

The next of our tips to handle blocked sewers requires use of a plumber’s snake – basically, a long, slender strip of steel. The snake can be fed down the toilet, and twisted / pushed to remove the blockage. This is messy business, but if you have a long enough snake to reach the clog, and if it is not impenetrable, you should be able to open the drain. If a hand held snake is inadequate, the next of our tips to handle blocked sewers requires use of a power snake.

It is possible to rent or buy a power snake, but unless you are a professional plumber, the last of our tips to handle blocked sewers is – it may be time to call a professional!

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