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Hiring an Emergency Drain Contractor for Immediate Drain Jobs

How is a Toronto / GTA resident to make a wise choice when hiring an emergency drain contractor for immediate drain jobs? An emergency, by definition, can’t be delayed for long. Before you get too carried away, though, take a few first steps:

  • Turn off the water at the source.

  • If there is danger of the water heater “going dry”, be sure that the heat source is turned off. (This eliminates the danger of “burning up” the water heater.)

  • Stop, clear your mind, be sure you are thinking straight.

  • If there is a way to isolate the problem, allowing you to reactivate water service to “the rest of the house”, do it.

  • Now, reevaluate the situation. Is it truly an emergency, or is it just a huge inconvenience?

What can you do when you face a drain emergency?

If it really is an emergency, you probably must find the drain professional who can most quickly respond to your problem, and tell them to hurry!

If you have “wiggle room”…

If there is any way that you can tolerate a few hours of inconvenience, then you really should do some basic research before selecting that drain contractor.

  • Start with the Better Business Bureau and / or the Chamber of Commerce. Ask about the companies on your “short list”, and eliminate any who have earned “black marks” for poor service, price gouging, or other offenses.

  • Ask friends, neighbors, and any local business owners who might know about drain contractors.

  • Talk directly to the Drain Contractor. Ask for references. Ask whether they stand behind their work with a written guarantee. If the answers are “wrong”, or sound evasive – say goodbye and keep searching!

  • Be sure that your “short list” includes AquaResist Inc. because they will have all of the right answers!

Remember: you are facing an emergency drain job. If you select the wrong drain contractor, you may very well be faced with hiring an emergency drain contractor for immediate drain jobs again – that’s not a good solution!