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Hiring a Waterproofing Contractor for Major Wet Basement Problems

If you are faced with the problem of hiring a waterproofing contractor for major wet basements problems, do not do so in a hurry! You may sometimes have to make a quick decision for emergency repairs, but when it comes to major problems, take time to do your “homework”.

For many homeowners, price may be a major factor – but remember, the cost over the long term is the only way to accurately evaluate price. Waterproofing contractors who offer incredibly cheap prices are probably cheap for a reason. Although there are laws and statutes governing safe / legal / proper waterproofing practices, some charlatans will cut corners. In doing so, they may succeed in bypassing the law, but the long term result is likely to cause you grief. Make a choice today that you won’t regret next year!

Here are a few hints for checking the true value of a waterproofing’s work:

  • Ask your acquaintances (neighbors, friends, business contacts) who they recommend. Use this information to create a “shortlist” of potential candidates for the job.

  • Ask the Better Business Bureau and / or Chamber of Commerce about the credibility of those on your shortlist.

  • Talk directly to the waterproofing contractor (or his office). Ask whether they provide a guarantee on their work – in writing!

  • Ask for references (actual contact information of past customers) preferably customers who were served at least a year agoand actually talk to some of those folks! Ask them (the references) about professionalism, costs, and their satisfaction level.

  • If the waterproofing contractor is reluctant to answer your questions, to supply references, to provide a written guarantee – or if they seem to be uncomfortable / evasive in answering your questions – politely thank them, say goodbye, and call another wet basement contractor!

  • Be sure that your shortlist includes AquaResist Inc., because they will answer all of your questions correctly!

Hiring a waterproofing contractor for major wet basement problems is serious business – do it well!