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Causes for Leaky Basement

Leaky Basement, Flooded BasementWhen your basement becomes damp or flooded, you should waste no time in identifying the causes for a leaky basement. It’s a natural tendency to look first at the symptoms, but to actually solve the problem, you must find the cause.

First, rule out the potential “internal” problems of leaking water lines / drainage pipes. If you have no plumbing problems, it’s time to look for water infiltration from outside the house. Start where the problem starts – outside. Look for damaged or clogged gutters / downspouts. Look at surface drainage. Is some obstruction causing surface drainage to flow toward the house? Has a drainage pipe become obstructed at the outlet, or collapsed, limiting the flow?

When you have eliminated these relatively simple solutions, it’s time to “get serious”. Your home may lack the protective barrier film which is applied to the exterior foundation of new structures, or it may have been constructed without adequate attention to proper drainage from the vicinity of the foundation. These problems are more complex, but they can be remedied.

When you find that the causes are larger or more complex than you can handle, call a true professional. Don’t just choose the “cheapest” contractor, because your home may outlast their work. Find a professional basement waterproofing contractor who is willing to guarantee their work – in writing – with a 25 year written guarantee. AquaResist Inc. will find the causes for your leaky basement, and will guarantee in writing that the problem will not come back to haunt you.

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