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Wet, leaky basement Scarborough, Oshawa, GTA

Wet leaky basement Scarborough, Oshawa

Residents of Scarborough or Oshawa are more likely than most folks to experience wet, leaky basements. This happens for a variety of reasons, most of which have to do with older homes having built with inadequate understanding and weak or nonexistent building codes. Homeowners who have this problem, though, need not accept the situation as permanent.

Improved building methods and materials can readily be retrofitted to older homes. By doing so, you may transform your wet, leaky Scarborough / Oshawa basement into a dry, secure place. When the problems have been resolved, the basement may very well become your favorite room of the entire house. Although a wet, leaky basement is of little or no benefit to your Scarborough / Oshawa home, a clean, dry one is a great asset.

Transform your wet, leaky Scarborough / Oshawa basement into a secure, dry space, and it becomes a valuable addition to the house. Basements make great places for laundry rooms, recreation areas, exercise equipment areas, or secure, dry storage. Another great use for your wet, leaky Scarborough / Oshawa basement would be a rental apartment. Provide it with a separate, walkout basement entrance, and it becomes a good source of extra income.

Another good use for a basement apartment would be to provide care for the senior citizens in your life. Having a basement apartment allows them to have privacy, yet be close enough to the family that you can help them when they need assistance. Of course, in order to do this, you must transform that wet, leaky basement into one of Scarborough or Oshawa’s best basement apartments.

Are you ready to solve the problems of your wet, leaky Scarborough / Oshawa area basement? A good starting point would be to consult with a high quality contractor, one which is experienced in stopping the problems of wet leaky basements – and which is confident enough of their quality workmanship to offer a written guarantee.

AquaResist Inc. is such a contractor. They will evaluate your wet, leaky Scarborough / Oshawa basement, and give you a written proposal. Their estimate will include any necessary drainage improvements, waterproofing membrane, concrete repairs, and any other improvements which they find are needed. If you hire them to do the work, they will provide a written, 25 year warranty on the quality of their workmanship.

With the help of AquaResist, Inc. your wet, leaky basement in the Scarborough / Oshawa region can become the best room of your house. Whether you need expanded storage, recreation room, indoor utilities space – or if you are interested in developing a nice apartment with a separate, walkout entrance – transform your wet, leaky basement into an asset, and thereby enhance the value of your Scarborough / Oshawa area home.