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If you have Water in the Basement You need to know your first steps

Water in the Basement - What to to Do? Some Solutions...

If you have water in the basement, what should you do?  We offer some solutions!

First, make sure that the sump pump motor / wiring isn't under water – then turn it on!

If you don't have a sump pump, or if it is not working, rent a portable pump with suction and discharge hoses, place the suction hose (with an appropriate screen) as deep as possible in the basement, the pump outside the house, with the discharge hose as far as possible from the house, and downhill – and start the pump.  Be very careful that no exhaust from the motor can get into your home, because it can be deadly.

Once the liquid is gone, you will still have a very wet basement.

The moisture should immediately be removed, using ventilating fans and portable heaters.  Don't fail to do this, as residual moisture will quickly cause damage to wiring, structural timbers, insulation, and almost everything in the house.  Less obvious, but equally important, moisture promotes the growth of mold and mildew.  Such fungus will damage your home and its contents, and can endanger the health of your family.

There is a better way – call an expert who can supply the correct equipment and who knows how to properly use it.

They will know exactly how to deal with water in the basement.  They can handle it quickly, correctly, and safely.  Either way, though, when the water is out and the basement is dry, you should take steps to prevent it happening again.  Realistically, unless you fix the problem, you will soon be dealing with water in the basement – again.  This is a problem that many residents of Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Scarborough face.  If you live in the GTA region and are troubled with water in the basement, we can help.

Causes of water in the basement are many and varied.

You may have clogged or damaged drainage structures, holes or cracks in the foundation or floors, or seepage directly through the walls.  It's quite likely that the source of the water may be improper drainage outside your home, so you need to carefully evaluate the water flow outside, look for blocked downspouts, drainage pipes, or surface drainage.  This, too, is better handled by experienced professionals, such as those at AquaResist.

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