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Underpinning, lowering basement Scarborough, Oshawa, GTA

Underpinning, lowering basement Scarborough, Oshawa

Many older homes in the Scarborough / Oshawa area would benefit greatly from underpinning and lowering of the basement floors. When these homes were built, basements were often regarded as little more than “root cellars”. Such spaces frequently bear a strong resemblance to a man made cave beneath the house. Like natural caves, they are often low, damp, leaky, and generally unfit for comfortable / useful habitation.

Although your home may have a nearly useless “cave” for a basement, it is quite feasible to transform it into a delightful, dry and secure finished basement – even under an older home. Of course, doing so requires some expertise, but the results of underpinning and lowering basements in the Scarborough / Oshawa region are well worth the effort.

In some cases minor repairs and waterproofing are all that are needed to enhance an existing basement – but often, those older “cellars” really need more extensive improvements. It is common for cellars to have ceiling height of 6’ or even less. Such clearance is unacceptable for all but the smallest of citizens. (8’ ceiling height is considered standard.)

If your home has such a low clearance cellar, don’t despair! A good contractor can lower the basement floor, underpinning the foundation in the process. Your older Scarborough / Oshawa area home can have a full depth / full size basement – through expert underpinning and basement lowering.

Some homeowners may be tempted to try “do-it-yourself” basement lowering, but unless you are well qualified, you had best think again! Lowering a basement is a relatively simple and straight-forward process, yet if done improperly it can damage or destroy your home!

Underpinning is a necessary step of lowering a basement, without exceptions. Underpinning is the process of stabilizing and sometimes leveling the existing foundation. It is essential to provide proper support for any existing home when excavating in close proximity to the footers.

Experienced contractors are well qualified to evaluate and properly support the house during the process of lowering the basement. Be careful to select a contractor who is willing to guarantee – in writing – that their work will be satisfactory and will cause no damage.

AquaResist Inc. is such a contractor. They will provide you with a no cost written estimate of the full cost to complete the underpinning and basement lowering of your Scarborough / Oshawa home – correctly – and if you accept their proposal, they will provide you with a 25 year written guarantee.

With that sort of warranty, you may be assured that you will be pleased with the outcome. Residents who are considering improving or remodeling their Scarborough / Oshawa area basements should give careful consideration to doing the job completely and correctly – by professional quality underpinning and lowering of the basement.