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Flooded Basement? Read our Recommendations to have a solution.

Flooded Basement Problems Solution

A flooded basement is terribly frustrating, and can be dangerous.  Don't even think of going into a flooded basement until you are certain that there are no submerged live electrical wires.  If you have any doubt, turn off power to the entire house.  The second step is to get the water out.  If there is a sump pump, but it was turned off, it may be as easy as turning it on, but more likely, you will need to use an external pump with suction and discharge hoses.  If you are doing it yourself, be very careful to avoid allowing exhaust from the motor to contaminate your home.  Exhaust contains carbon monoxide, and it is deadly.

After all standing water is removed from the flooded basement, you must ventilate the area and remove the excess humidity.  Dehumidifiers, ventilating fans, and heaters may be needed to complete the process.  It is very important that you solve the problems which caused your basement flooding.  Unless you eliminate the source of flooding or completely waterproof the basement, you will have to face the problem over and over.

Causes of flooded basements include improperly designed drainage structures, damaged or leaking pipes, damaged / cracked / seeping walls, and holes for pipe or wiring penetrations. Ultimately, though, the cause of flooding is always water!  That's right – figure out where the water is coming from, then divert it, and your problem is mostly gone.  Most residents of the GTA region – Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, and Oakville – probably lack the expertise to properly evaluate and solve flooded basement issues.  If you are unsure, your best hope of success is to consult experienced drainage / waterproofing professionals.

The flooded basement / waterproofing professionals at AquaResist are ready, able, and willing to help you achieve a permanent solution to your flooded basement woes. For a free, on site estimate, call AquaResist at 905-781-0672. We have the expertise and equipment to needed to quickly and permanently solve your flooded basement problems.