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Basement waterproofing Scarborough, Oshawa, GTA

Basement waterproofing Scarborough, Oshawa

Homeowners with older homes are likely to need basement waterproofing in the Scarborough / Oshawa region. Many older homes were built without the benefit of modern materials and techniques. Even some relatively modern homes have difficulties, mostly due to having been constructed in ways which don’t comply with modern building codes.

The unhappy result for many homeowners is wet, leaky basements which are really not useful. In fact, because wet basements tend to grow mold and mildew, they may actually pose a health risk to your family. If any of this sounds like your situation, there is great news! Basement waterproofing is available for homes in the Scarborough / Oshawa region. It is affordable, and when properly completed, you will find that your wet, leaky basement has been transformed into one of the best rooms of the house.

Basement waterproofing, whether in Scarborough, Oshawa, or anywhere in the GTA region, must begin with a thorough analysis of the problems. Homeowners who purchase a high quality waterproof paint and apply it carefully – but without first waterproofing the basement – will be disappointed in the results. Unless you have related experience, you probably should begin by consulting with experts in basement waterproofing.

AquaResist Inc. is a contractor which specializes in basement waterproofing, underpinning, basement lowering, separate walkout entrances, and plumbing / drainage issues, and they work right here in Scarborough / Oshawa. Not only are they thoroughly experienced in solving these problems, but they will (at no cost) evaluate your situation and give you a written proposal to solve your problems. If you accept their proposal, AquaResist Inc. will provide a 25 year written guarantee that their workmanship will not fail!

You should understand that basement waterproofing, whether in Scarborough, Oshawa, or anywhere else on earth, requires more than just patching cracks and painting walls. It begins with careful analysis of the source of leakage. In many cases, this may mean improving drainage around the house, or applying waterproofing membrane to the outside of basement walls. It may even require installation of French Drains, drainage pipes, or both.

After the drainage situation is properly controlled, and any needed outside waterproofing is done, the inside can then be repaired, cleaned, and painted, tiled, or even carpeted. A properly finished basement will eliminate the dangers of fungus / mildew – and with nice finishing touches, it may very well become the showplace of your home. A good basement offers security for your valuables, along with comfort and peace, even in bad weather. An added benefit is that heating / cooling costs in a basement are usually much less than those of an additional room which is located “above ground”.

Call AquaResist, Inc. for all of your basement waterproofing and home improvement needs in the Scarborough and Oshawa area – you’ll be glad you did!