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Fixing Pipes in the Basement

Sooner or later, every homeowner who has a basement will be faced with a need for fixing pipes in the basement. This seems to be such a simple task – anyone can do it – right? Wrong! There are many variables which should be considered, the first of which is, “What does the law say about fixing pipes in the basement?”

Fixing pipes in the basement – what is legal?

Generally speaking, most jurisdictions allow homeowners to make minor repairs in their own homes, but prohibit hiring an unlicensed friend or neighbor to do the job. This is not just an example of “big brother” government meddling. These statutes are written to protect homeowners. Fixing pipes in the basement, although it seems simple enough, can be serious business.

Improperly installed pipes can fail for a variety of reasons, with results which may be annoying, expensive, or even dangerous. For example, using the wrong material for a hot water line can result in catastrophic failure. Should you be in a tight place, unable to move quickly when a failure occurs, you may be soaked with pure hot water. Not only would the experience be quite painful, but your health, even your life could be at risk. At best, it would be a truly unforgettable experience! These are just a few of the reasons that inexperienced homeowners should seek professional assistance, such as that offered by AquaResist Inc. If you are not a qualified plumber, don’t risk fixing pipes in the basement!

Drains / sewers – more than a legal issue

Drains, especially those handling sewage must be correctly installed to prevent unpleasant and potentially hazardous contamination of your home. It is critical that such piping have the correct rate of fall, safe and proper venting, and be properly sized for the load. Professionals, such as those from AquaResist Inc. understand the process, and will be able to quickly and correctly solve your problem. If you don’t fully understand every detail of the content of this article, you really should not attempt fixing pipes in the basement!

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