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What is Basement Waterproofing?

Toronto and GTA residents are often faced with the question: What is basement waterproofing? If your basement tends to be damp, has seeping walls, or floods during major rain events, you need to answer the question. It would be nice to say that Basement Waterproofing is a nice paint job with high quality, waterproof paint – but if you try to prevent water problems that way, you will be disappointed.

Waterproof paint, applied to the inside walls of your basement, amounts to a plastic film “glued to” the wall. Hydraulic pressure (the pressure created by seeping water) will get behind the film and push even top quality paint right off of the wall! This brings us back to the question: What is basement waterproofing?

Quality waterproofing contractors, like AquaResist Inc. begin their work by identifying the source of the water, and preventing it from reaching the walls. So, what is basement waterproofing? In some cases, it can be as simple as reshaping the ground around the house to route runoff / rainwater away from the walls. Usually, though more preventive action is necessary. It’s very important that the route by which water has been entering the house be blocked. If it is a crack or other identifiable opening, it must be completely sealed – on the outside. Failure to stop water from penetrating the outside surface of the wall results in saturated concrete, and that saturation will find a way into your home.

In many cases, basement waterproofing must be addressed by digging, exposing the outside of the wall, and installing drainage structures to carry water away from the foundation. Cracks / holes must be repaired, and a waterproof membrane placed on the outside. This prevents saturation of the concrete – the first step in any successful waterproofing effort. Before you commit time and / or money, do yourself a favor. Correctly answer the question: “What is basement waterproofing?”