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Avoid Basement Flooding

If you have a home in Toronto, or anywhere in the GTA region, you should be especially careful to avoid basement flooding. Many of the older homes were built without proper understanding of the issues contributing to the problem. Some of those which were properly constructed have been impacted by later changes in topography, or by later construction projects which altered the flow / drainage patterns around them. In either case, remedial action may be required in order to avoid basement flooding.

It’s important to understand that homes which are prone to basement flooding are structurally at risk, as well as posing a health danger to occupants, due to their tendency to grow mold, mildew, and bacteria. Even if there were no risk at all, flooding renders basements unusable, and damages anything stored there. In order to avoid basement flooding and solve the problems which lead to it, most homeowners need the help of trained and experienced professionals. AquaResist Inc. personnel are your best option for solving such problems and helping you to avoid basement flooding.

Whether your situation calls for drainage improvements, foundation / wall repairs, or a combination of improvements, we will provide a written estimate of the exact cost of properly repairing your home. The great news is that we will give you a 25 year written guarantee! That’s right – if you contract with AquaResist for quality home repairs / improvements – you have our written guarantee that you will avoid basement flooding for the next 25 years.