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Misconceptions Related To Basement Waterproofing

Before beginning any waterproofing project, homeowners with leaky basements would be well advised to take note to the following misconceptions related to basement waterproofing. Please don’t assume that any of these misconceptions related to basement waterproofing is true. Failure to heed this advice will pretty much guarantee that you will be disappointed, waste time and money, and still have a wet basement.

  • Leaks which come through cracks may be solved by filling the crack with a good grade of caulking.

  • A good grade of waterproof paint will solve all seepage problems.

  • Backed up drains can always be opened with either chemical drain openers or pressure type drain opening products.

If water is leaking through a crack, recognize that it is evidence of water accumulating against the outside of your basement wall. You will not resolve the problem until you eliminate that accumulation. Caulking the crack, even if done very well, and with the best grade of caulking will not permanently solve the problem. Rather, it will result in the leak “moving” to the next easiest entry point.

When water seeps through the wall, you should not assume that a good grade of waterproof paint will solve the problem. For an explanation, see the paragraph above.

Blocked and backed up drains are backed up for a reason. Chemical or pressure type “solutions” may work for a little while, but the cause is usually still there, just waiting to strike at the most inopportune moment. You also run the risk of damaging the drainage pipe, which only makes your problem worse.

Please understand and believe that the three points listed above really are misconceptions related to basement waterproofing. Heed this warning, and save yourself a lot of grief!