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Easy Repairing Method for Wet Basement Part One

This article, Easy Repairing Method for Wet Basement Part One, is based upon the assumption that you have examined all plumbing and drainage facilities, and have determined that the problem is infiltration of groundwater. Please notice that this is a two part series. You will not resolve your problem until you have completed both parts.

The absolutely first step of repairing a wet basement is to determine the location of the leak(s). When you have determined this – go outside! That’s right, look for the source. If you are fortunate, you may find a damaged / clogged down spout, or a water leak outside the house which is seeping / leaking through the wall. If you really want an easy repairing method for wet basement, part one may largely resolve the issue. Eliminate the source, and most of the problem is gone.

Unfortunately, the easy repairing method for wet basement, part one isn’t usually quite that easy! In many cases, homeowners find that their home was not properly constructed, and lacks proper outdoor drainage and / or waterproofing membranes. In such cases, it is necessary to excavate outside the house, expose the basement walls / footers, and install French drains or drainage piping. While the exterior of the wall is exposed, apply a high quality waterproofing membrane on the outside of the wall, then carefully backfill to the original grade. Be sure that the soil is shaped in such a manner that water doesn’t stand against the wall.

If this doesn’t sound easy to you, you may want to call in the professionals for this part of the work. Sometimes, “easy” is a relative term! Don’t neglect to perform this “easy repairing method for wet basement, part one” because without it, “part two” doesn’t stand a chance!