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Basics on Basement Flooding

Toronto residents who are troubled with a wet basement may benefit from these basics on basement flooding. There are only two main causes of basement flooding. They are:

  • Plumbing Problems

  • Leaking walls / floors (water infiltration from outside)


The first one may be divided into two sub-categories:

  • Fresh water leaks

  • Sewage / drainage leaks and clogs

Of course, if the problem is so severe that you can’t enter the basement, you must first pump it out, but this article, presenting basics on basement flooding, is based on the assumption that it is possible to enter the basement. If you have a problem with basement flooding, you must first determine the source of the water.

Examine all pressure piping and the water heater. If you see dripping, flowing or spraying water, you have clearly found at least part of your problem. One of the key basics on basement flooding is – knowing when to call for help. Unless you are an experienced plumber, get help!

If the pressure piping is not leaking, check the drainage and sewage pipes. While checking them, have someone run water in drains and flush toilets, as some leaks will only be visible when the drain is “active”. Is there a floor drain? If so, try to determine whether it is “backed up”. In some cases, water may actually come into the basement through such drains.

Another of the basics on basement flooding is ground water infiltration. If all of the drains are OK, examine your walls. Look for cracks, holes, and wet walls. If you don’t find any leaks, you may need to wait for a major rain event. Like drainage pipes, wall leaks will only show up when there is water to leak.

In the event that these basics on basement flooding don’t reveal the source of your problem, it is time to call in the professionals. Some leaks are hard to find, and require the services of someone who has mastered the basics on basement flooding.